One Breath Partnership is a catalyst for information and education. It serves to amplify the work of Houston-area scientists, researchers, academics, and physicians in order to educate community members about the impact of air quality on their health. It also provides an outlet for residents to share their stories about the harmful effects of air pollution.

Our goal is cleaner air for a healthy and prosperous Houston. Through our commitment to community-based storytelling and science-based evidence, we can inspire people to take action to improve air quality and protect public health.

As part of this effort, and in response to this historic moment that we are in after Harvey, we have come together to advance smart policies that can reduce the public’s exposure to these air pollutants.

The founding members of One Breath Partnership are Air Alliance Houston, Environment Texas, Environmental Defense Fund, Environmental Integrity Project, Public Citizen, and Rice University. Our work is made possible through the Houston Endowment.